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At Singhal Gems International, we are in the business of, as we call it, bringing up emeralds. We have always believed that an emerald is not just a lifeless stone. It, like a human being, is an individual with uniqueness to its character and personality.

 Look at the shape, transparency and clarity of a rough stone from the seasoned eyes of an experienced craftsman and one would realize how different one gem is in 'personality' from another. It is so much like looking at a young child and deciding what he can be brought up to become.

And then starts the process of shaping and polishing a life. It takes a very close monitoring at every stage of this process to bring out a gem from the stone.

Having kept pace with the latest techniques, and with a firm conviction in our philosophy, we provide consistently fine quality in emerald at competitive prices.

It will indeed be a great pleasure for us to create better value for your money.



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