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Cutters and Polishers of Fine Quality Machine-cut Emeralds :

At Singhal Gems International, we understand that the final quality of a gem depends on its cutting. We have in-depth knowledge of facet-cuts and also great passion for is methodically cut to give every gem its best possible sparkle.

With fully integrated operation s, we are not only able to control quality at all stages of cutting & polished but we also provide much better value for your money.

The Pre-forming starts only the skilled and experienced cutter has thoroughly studied the rough crystal from every angle against a strong light.

Each stone, as nature makes it, is a unique individual different from any other. It has a specific character and personality and that is why, good faceting calls for best of bath the worlds : scientific techniques and traditional expertise. Often, the latter more than the former.

Each emerald is meticulously machine-cut for perfect shape and calibration. It takes years of experience and skill to get accurate facet junctions, center-tipping and correct gem-height for extraordinary brilliance after setting. Emeralds are not put to any chemical treatment and their natural characteristics are retained.


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