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Procuring the right Rough Stones is the critical first step towards ensuring a fine quality gemstone. We buy roughs directly from the mines.

This calls for sound knowledge and years of experience and that is why, our top-management relies only on its own efforts and expertise for procuring the rough stones.

The clear and spotted roughs are also separated at this stage and sorted on the bases of their color and transparency. We ensure that only good stones move to the cutting stage.

Each emerald is meticulously machine-cut  for perfect shape and calibration. It takes years of experience and skill to get accurate facet junctions, center-tripping and correct gem-height for extraordinary brilliance after setting.

We carry out a vigrous and minute examination of the gem at every stage to ensure high precision and quality-our cutting edge.

We offer a very wide variety of emeralds with fully integrated operations, we are not only able to control quality at all the stages of cutting and polishing but we also provide much better value for your money.


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