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Ancients believed the emerald possessed strong powers. The Orient has long had faith in its value, the Emerald representing hop in immortality, courage and exalted faith. Romans believed the emerald evoked tranquility during troubled times strengthened one's memory and quickened one's intelligence. In early Egyptian history , it was associated with the powers of creation, and was considered a gemstone of the Gods. Emerald was dedicated by the Greeks to the planet Venus. Early Jewish cabalists believed emerald held mystical power over the Angel Muriel.

In India, for ages, there has been immense faith in the healing properties of Emerald. It is said to calm mental agitation, regulate the nervous system and improve speech and intelligence. Emerald promotes healing, energizes the breath and strengthens the lungs.

Emeralds are also said to counteract malefic effects of planets on individuals. As per the ancient Indian astrology, Emeralds is the birth-stone for the planet Mercury which makes it the birth-stone of Gemini and Virgo. It should be worn, studded in gold on the neck, arm or finger. the western or modern astrological science recognizes emerald as the birth-stone for Cancer and recommends that it be worn with copper. The emeralds in the crown totaled 1500 carats.

For ages, precious emeralds have adorned the treasures of mighty emperors and the wealthy. The mogul emperor Humayun possessed cups made of emerald in which he used to drink wine. The Roman emperor Nero had eyeglasses made of emeralds.  

Probably the most famous emerald is with the Duke of Devon shire. It is two inches square and weighs 1383.95 carats. It has superb color and is thoroughly included. It was given to the Duke of Devon shire by the Emperor of Brazil in 1836.

The Crown of Andes treasures the largest collection of emeralds. Made in 1593, it was set with 453 emeralds taken from the Inca treasures. The solid-gold frame of the crown weighed over 100 pounds.


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