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To find our offerings for the order of your choice, please select our Singles, Pairs, Sets, or Parcels categories. We are constantly expanding and improving our inventory. In case you fail to find your desired item, please kindly revisit our site soon, or simply place a Special Order.


Thanks to slight, often almost imperceptible variations in color, sparkle, quality, and size, no two natural gems are exactly alike. While this poses a challenge in finding matching pairs, it also means that each and every stone is, in effect, one of its kind. As a result, whatever stone you select from our extensive inventory at Astrologicalstone.com, your selection will be unique to you alone.

While it's fairly easy to find similar pairs of diamonds, with Gems it may take weeks, or even months, to get two matching stones. Yet you need much more than mere luck to spot a gemstone's twin sister: expert eyes and the knowledge of where to look. We at Astrologicalstone.com have them both and remain committed to finding the best pairs of stones available.


In a set of stones, we look for the most pleasing combination of color, sparkle, quality, and size. In addition, an arrangement's defining features have to be characteristic of every individual stone. Whereas each individual stone must be pleasing in itself, it's the harmony of all the member stones that bring out a set's unique beauty.

For wholesalers and retailers, we offer parcels (or lots) of high-quality gems, every single one of which has been hand-selected by our experts. From small parcels to larger orders, Astrologicalstone.com can provide the world's choicest rubies, sapphires, emeralds and myriad other gems.


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